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Video Reportage on iVS 1

Video Reportage on iVS

ENS Media, the news and media division of the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, visited the iVS (Immersive Virtual Shanghai) installation at the World Wide Web 2012. It produced a short video reportage now...

iVS on Youtube 0

iVS on Youtube

For those who missed the action at the Shanghai Expo, a short introduction to iVS can be seen on Youtube. The short film was originally produced by and for Rhône-Alpes TV. Some nice souls...

Virtual Shanghai at 2010 Shanghai Expo (III) 0

Virtual Shanghai at 2010 Shanghai Expo (III)

On August 18, Rhône-Alpes T.V. interviewed and filmed Gérald Foliot (Institut des Sciences de l’Homme) and Christian Henriot (Institut d’Asie Orientale) for a reportage on iVS to be shown on the web site of...

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