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二十世纪上海报刊娱乐版广告数据库 (1907-1966)

The 二十世纪上海报刊娱乐版广告数据库 (Twentieth Century Shanghai newspapers entertainment advertisements) database (hereafter SHBKYL) has been many years in the making. It all started from an amazing reference book idea by Prof. JIANG Jin at East China...


Modern China Biographical Database (MCBD)

We are pleased to announce the public release of the Modern China Biographical Database (MCBD) by the ENP-China project (ERC). MCBD is a freely accessible relational database that aims at recording all the historical...


Shanghai Municipal Police Archives

We are pleased to announce the release of our collection of Shanghai Municipal Police archives in searchable text format on Bibliothèque Numérique Asiatique [Asia Digital Library]. The original collection of microfilms was purchased from...


Regimes of occupation

The history of Shanghai during wartime has too often been written on the before/after mode, with a strong propensity to simplify the political and military configurations that prevailed at different times during the war....


Upcoming book!

The population of Shanghai (1865-1953) will soon be available at Brill. After three rounds of proof editing and correcting — Brill is very thorough in its editorial process — the manuscript is now in...

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