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Sam Sanzetti: A Shanghai Photographer

Ordinary professional commercial photographers tend to leave few traces behind them. Unlike a Robert Capa or a Henri Cartier-Bresson who became famous worldwide for their artistic or field photographs, they easily fall into oblivion...

Shanghai photographs: new release 1

Shanghai photographs: new release

New set of 26 photographs on everyday life, especially peddlers, in 1933-35 Shanghai from Herbert Paul Heft, a German businessman employed at the Glathe & Witt Company from 24 May 1933 to 31 May 1935. ...

An artistic rendering of the Shanghai Bund 0

An artistic rendering of the Shanghai Bund

One of the marvels of the Internet is the unlimited supply of new materials on any topic. Shanghai keeps attracting the attention of scholars, journalists, and…artists. Simon Fieldhouse is an Australian artist specializing in...

Visual narratives 0

Visual narratives

Visual narratives: there are two new visual narratives on VS: “Trajectories: Women in China”, I & II. This is an attempt at presenting a macro-argument through images (photographs and illustrations). It is part of...

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