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Upcoming book!

The population of Shanghai (1865-1953) will soon be available at Brill. After three rounds of proof editing and correcting — Brill is very thorough in its editorial process — the manuscript is now in...


New books from (on) Shanghai

In this post, I intend to introduce briefly a spate of new works produced under the energetic guidance of Prof. Ma Jun at the Institute of History (Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences). Ma Jun...

Wenhuibao Interview 0

Wenhuibao Interview

On 13 July 2013, The Wenhuibao (文汇报) published  a long interview with Christian Henriot (安克强) by journalist Siwen Ren (任 思 蕴) on historical research on Shanghai, digital technologies and the use of GIS...

New Japanese Books on Shanghai 0

New Japanese Books on Shanghai

Two recent publications from Japan bring new perspectives on Shanghai history. The first one is the edited volume published by the Japanese Association for Research on Shanghai History (日本上海史研究会), a major and regular contributor...

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