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There has been little activity recently on this blog due to these many factors that weigh on a scholarly life (classes, reports, dissertations, etc.). Yet we are back again and will resolutely maintain a flow of news on the Virtual Shanghai Project and its current and upcoming transformation.

We are finally very happy to announce that the platform is now available in a new Chinese interface, both in traditional and simplified characters. We still have to translate the basic texts of presentation, but this will be done incrementally. Virtual Shanghai does not have a professional translator in house. It all relies on goodwill and dedication!

And precisely, I wish to express a big thank to my former Ph.D. students Jiang Jie (蒋杰, now as postdoc fellow at Shanghai Normal University) and Zhao Weiqing (赵伟清), now a postdoc associate at IAO) for their decisive contribution in translating all the fastidious menus and forms of the platform.

Indeed, we “sinicized” not just the reader’s interface, but the entire database and its forms. The authorized contributors to the Virtual Shanghai Project can now work in a Chinese-language environment if they so choose.

To shift from one language to the other, just click on the language button in the top right corner, on top of the vertical menu.

Capture d’écran 2015-10-27 à 13.43.00
Capture d’écran 2015-10-27 à 13.43.17

We hope that this transformation will attract an increasing number of users in China, Taiwan, and more globally in East Asia. 歡迎 !

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