New upgrade on Live Maps: French Concession (1939)

A new version of the Shanghai Commercial Guide (上海市行號路圖錄) volume devoted to the French Concession in 1939 is now available on “Live Maps”. Apart from a more accurate georectification, this version offers a fantastic degree of clarity. Names can be read down to the smallest shop (provided the original was legible).  Details on the internal  layout of city blocks allow the “visitor” an unsurpassed view of the structure of the city, of its residential quarters, shops, offices, parks, etc.  This is a most amazing tool for research (or simply for wandering through the  area) for all those involved in locating places in the former French Concession. New upgrades will be introduced in the coming weeks. To see the new version, go to “Live maps” and check the “1939 – French Concession Commercial Guide” box in the map list on the left hand side.

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