XXIth Century Shanghai: an IPRAUS–ENA-PB Project

The Virtual Shanghai platform is now home to a new project on contemporary Shanghai — 21th century Shanghai — by the Ecole nationale d’architecture-Paris-Belleville (ENA-PB) and one of its research centers IPRAUS. The management of the project is placed under the responsibility of Bernadette Laurencin, architect & associate faculty member at ENA-PB. It is based on a long-term collaboration with Tongji University in the field of graduate student training in architecture.

The materials made available on the Virtual Shanghai platform  appear separately under “IPRAUS collection” for the maps and the photographs. On Live Maps there is now a new GIS web interface that provides access to the various layers of mapping prepared by the team members. The Live interactive map covers various territorial scales: from the Yangzi Delta to the analysis of suburban cities. We plan to enrich this first publication with work produced in the course of  teaching and research, especially  a Franco-Chinese lexicon that will include descriptive vocabularies of urban sites, new detailed drawings of  new towns and other pictures to support our arguments.

This research program – AGE – Large Scale Architecture, 2007 – came from the initiative to produce spatial data on Shanghai  to tell the story of the metropolis. We selected eight qualifiers :  Water, VegetationMobilityQuality of spatial configuration, Quality of spatial practices, Heritage, Scale, and Density. We invite you to explore this new set of resources.

Please note that this section is proposed in French as it is part of both a research and training program at ENA-PB.




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