IVS presentation in ENS Lyon : a great success !!!


Immersive Virtual Shanghai attracted a large public during the ENs Fête des Lumières. Visitors of all ages and from different background had their own reading of the 3D application; everyone could appreciate its animations from different points of view. We received children from recreation centers  on Wednesday, six groups of  high school students on Thursday, a large number of  ENS students, teachers, researchers and staff on Friday, and an even wider variety of visitors on Saturday. Gérald Foliot and Nicolas El-Sayegh answered all technical questions regarding the Virtual Shanghai research platform and the 3D application. Historians Christine Cornet and Dorothée Rihal, as well as Christian Henriot’s doctoral students, Liu Zhe and Jiang Jie  presented the historical context and explained how new technologies and the use of visuals can enable to write a new form of history. Finally, the cartographer Cyrielle Guenard presented more technical aspects concerning  GIS. The public understood the great variety of skills required to undertake such a project and realized that it is the result of many years of team work. Presentation of Immersive Virtual Paris by Jean-Luc Pinol and Emmanuelle Morlock also allowed the public to enjoy elements of comparison on urban history in 3D.


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