Shanghai GIS dataset on transportation

I have just uploaded the full dataset of shape files on transportation in Shanghai before 1949. This includes tramway (1903, 1908, 1936, 1947), autobus (1936, 1947), and trolleybus (1936, 1947), with their respective stations. The dataset includes both individual shape files for each line in each type of network and for the stations. For 1936 and 1947, there is also shape files with all the different types of networks in a single file (though always one for the line and one for the stations). Depending on what you want to examine or display, this gives you a fairly large range of choice. Feel free to check out the Virtual Shanghai platform. As previously announced, all the GIS data is available in the Data section of the platform. You can use the “GIS” keyword to retrieve all the datasets or “Transportation” to retrieve only the datasets on public transportation.


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