New issue of 上海法租界史研究 (no. 4)

My former student Jiang Jie (蒋杰) at Shanghai Normal University just put out another exciting and rich collection of essays in the last issue of 上海法租界史研究, a journal that he created in 2016 and has been editing it ever since.

The papers in this issue include:

Zhao Yi, “From Shanghai to Kyoto – Takatsuna and Sino-French-Japanese cultural exchange

Christien Cornet, “Submission, Resistance and Cooperation: The Shanghai French Concession Police during the Anti-Japanese War (1937-1946)”

Li Junnan, “The Three Armed Uprisings of Shanghai Workers and the Workers of the French Electricity Company”

Wu Ziqi, “Creating a Modern Space and Inheriting Cultural Heritage: The Historic City of French Leased Territory Guangzhouwan”

Peng Xiaoliang, “The Function and Ecological Change of Architecture: A Brief Discussion on the French Messageries Maritimes Building on the Bund in Shanghai (1937-1949)”




Liu Hua, “The Soldiers Monument at Baxianqiao in Shanghai”

Jiang Wenjun, “Dreamworld: Cinemas in Modern Shanghai, with a focus on the French Concession (1912-1943)”

Li Jie, ” A Pioneer of Western Music Education in Modern China – The Tushanwan Orphanage Brass Band”

Ren Tie, “Civil Law Education in Modern China: Taking Aurora University Law School as an Example”

Li Junyi, Huang Dele and French Journal de Shanghai

Christian Henriot et al., “French Studies of Modern Chinese History: A Critical Appraisal “, transl. by Jiang Jie

Jiang Tianyue, The Great Man of the Colombes-les-deux-Eglises: in memory of General de Gaulle”

Wang Xirong, Yu Heqin, his Shenxun Residence and the Kaiming Electric Appliance Factory in the French Concession in Shanghai”

Zhang Xiaoyi, “An overview of the publications in Western languages of the Xujiahui Jesuits as seen in its Relations de Chine“.




Ma Jun, “A Preliminary compilation of the bibliography of French professor Christian Henriot, translated and introduced in Chinese academic circles”

Lu Ye, “The ‘Directory of the French Concession Chinese Taxpayer Association’ in Shanghai”

Hou Qingbin, Xuan Jinhong (compiled), “1906 Report of the trials at French Mixed Court”

Hou Qingbin (compiled), “Selected translations of historical materials on L’Echo de Chine from the Archives of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs”

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